My name is Michelle, my husband is Chris. We have 5 children and we have been raising food and ‘friends’ since 2012. We began raising food when we could not find on the labels where our food came from, it was confusing and frustrating. The more research we did the more we discovered. We discovered that we wanted to raise rare heritage hogs and other endangered heritage livestock. We also discovered that we wanted to raise heirloom fruits and vegetables that are not GMO and make things with our food. Friends, Partners, Cheese, butter, dishes to die for and a smile.

My husband is the builder. He is like GE, he brings good things to life. He is also like BASF, he doesn’t make the cooler, he makes it cooler. I have most of the ideas, he brings them to life….he might argue that. He is the brawn.

I am the brains, I hope he does not read this…he knows where I sleep.

I am the coordinator. I coordinate the timing of all production. More like a catalyst for action. I hold a seed, place it in the dirt and it performs a miracle. Same with animals. I keep records and perform studies of what best works. I like to read after I have made a mistake, that way I will never be afraid to make one. I am a firm believer in your mistakes teaching true success.

We have discovered our true destinies through farming, whether it be microbes, worms, hogs, cows, plants, fish, even mold! We are rich in happiness, we are fulfilled and totally broke! We wouldn’t have it any other way. Follow our story, learn with us or laugh because you have already been there. Thank you for visiting either way.


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